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World of Mining – Surface & Underground - GDMB,The world-wide hunger for materials and minerals is vast and mining ground within the Kupferschiefer copper basin. schiefer Lausitz GmbH. KSL, ein

3D Seismic Survey - Deutsche Rohstoffagentur,Identification of the Copper Shale horizon in depths between . SEGY output of CRS stack, time migrations . from the KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH. &.

Die Versorgung der deutschen Wirtschaft mit Roh - Büro für , U.S. Economy. 62. 1.2 Europäische Union: Critical materials for the EU 67 Cu – Kupfer. Ta – Tantal Kupferschiefer. (KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz).

Annual Meeting 21–24 September 2014 Programme - Deutsche ,21 Sep 2014 Cu-Ag-Au-mineralization of the German copper belt – new. ECO-T02 results from the Spremberg Kupferschiefer deposit, Lausitz,. Germany mineral materials and industrial process products for. XRF and XRD analysis.

Foresight Study Thematic Report IV Secondary Materials ,Secondary materials (including mine wastes). V. The mining of the Kupferschiefer-type black shale-hosted copper ore over a time span of . (Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH) with the aim to sale,.

GeoHannover 2012 GeoRohstoffe für das 21. Jahrhundert ,Noble metals and selected trace elements of the Kupferschiefer-type mineralization of the . In situ bioremediation of a heavily contaminated soil in a copper deposit Strategies for securing mineral materials supply by material efficiency gains? 109

NW European Gas Atlas - NLOG,raw material after separation. As a consequence the while it contains more than 3 gallons of condensable hydrocarbons per 1000 cu ft., and in Poland a in East Germany they mark the northeastern border of the Lausitz Block. West of the .. Kupferschiefer

KSL GmbH: Kupferschiefer Lausitz,KSL Kupferschieferlausitz GmbH is a base metals`company focused on advancing The deposit hosts a large copper/gold/silver reserve with a reserve of 130

Deutscher Bundestag Bericht,28. Mai 2013 Europäische Union: Critical materials for the EU . . . . . . . . . . . . 36. 1.3 Cu – Kupfer. Ta – Tantal (KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz).

The copper: Kupferschiefer Lausitz,The copper. Copper is an essential part of our everyday life. When showering copper pipes make sure that water can flow, in the car, it accompanies us to

THE NORTH OF ENGLAND INSTITUTE OF MINING AND ,manner in which the bed is copper-bearing in the typical kupferschiefer of The haskin system of treating wood consists in placing the timber in a large steel Geologically, the region is defined as that of the Lausitz granite, the vast

Volume 2 - International Mine Water Association,25 Jun 2017 EU Materials Information System and Materials and Sediment Management at Abandoned Copper Mines. 1133 States of America), Kupferschiefer Shale Formation (Germany) and the The authors thank the Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Ber

Zechstein Kupferschiefer at Spremberg and Related Sites: Hot ,Bereiche wird diese Zone als „European Copper Belt“ – Europäische . The Spremberg-Graustein-Schleife Kupferschiefer deposit in the Lausitz of southeastern. Germany The ever growing world requires more materials for the future.

GeoBerlin 2015 - GFZpublic Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ,4 Oct 2015 B2-03: Scenarios for the Material Supply of the Far Future . .. Zechstein-sequences with Kupferschiefer and salts at the southern margin of the Paleozoic Ni-Cu-Co-PGE-enriched gabbroic rocks in the Upper Lusatia,.

Report PDF - USGS Publications Warehouse,the Kupferschiefer reduced-facies copper permissive tracts . .. KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH [General map of the low-lying energy resources and raw.

pANGEO 2016 abstractvolume.pdf - Universität Innsbruck,25 Sep 2016 Prospec9ng for prehistoric copper – field observa9ons from a CHARACTERIZATION OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS IN KUPFERSCHIEFER-TYPE BLACK SHALES the expected 540 – 560 Ma ages typical for the Lausitz Block, which is that LIBS data are to b

Neptunist Concepts in Ore Genesis - CiteSeerX,for copper the Kupferschiefer, manifestly a persistent thin bed in this series. Abraham .. wald, Bornsdorf, Spremberg, and Zibelle along the N. side of the Lausitz .. It is pertinent to d, attention to the fact that numerous districts in which.

Kritische Rohstoffe für Deutschland - KfW,Cu. Verhältnis von globalen Reserven zu globaler Produktion (2008) Das Vorkommen im Besitz der Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH hat einen Kupfergehalt von for mineral materials – a combined evaluation of past and future trends.

Kupferschiefer – Wikipedia,Der Kupferschiefer ist eine in Mitteleuropa vor allem im Untergrund weit verbreitete . Die Vererzungen vom Rote-Fäule-Typ sind charakteristisch für die Lagerstätten im Kupferschiefer u. a. der Lausitz und Niederschlesiens. In Niederschlesien

Journal 1 2013_en - SlideShare,21 Jun 2013 Elena Saidova's visit to KSL (Kupfer-schiefer Lausitz GmbH) is evidence of Kazzinc in sitedevelopment at the Lausitz copper de-posit, and researched All the participants camefrom the materials industry with aBerlin.

Mining in Europe - AIMS – Aachen International Mining Symposia,19 May 2016 material value chain: 1) Exploration and materials resource .. copper mining and smelting) in the Sudbury area had resulted in 17,500 ha piles of the northern Lausitz area (Schlabendorf and Seese), has been Kupferschiefer deposits

Kritische Rohstoffe für Deutschland - IZT,Europäische Kommission deckt mit ihrer Studie „Critical Materials for the EU“ (EC 2010) .. kommen in Deutschland (Lausitzer Kupferschiefer) scheint eine sinnvolle 60

Die Kupfer-Lagerstätte Spremberg-Graustein in - LBGR,mentären Ursprungs und an den Kupferschiefer gebunden. Seine Verbreitung ist durch The copper deposit Spremberg-Graustein in South Brandenburg

terra nostra - EPIC - AWI,their produetion of silver, lead, copper, tin and iron, these towns played an .. cement production, the Dotternhausen plant uses a combination of materials. the east, the Erzgebirge and the Lausitz mountain ranges in the south and the Jowett, E.C

Molo Graphite Project, Fotadrevo, Province of Toliara, Madagascar,13 Jul 2017 Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH. Spremberg-Graustein. Cu. Noront Resources. Eagle's Nest. Cu, Ni, PGM. Rio Tinto. Tamarack. Cu, Ni, PGM.

Kupfererzvorkommen in der sächsisch-brandenburgischen Lausitz ,Geologische Karte mit Kupfererzvorkommen im Raum Spremberg/Lausitz. Im Archiv des Kupferschiefer ist ein verfestigter Tonschlamm, der stellenweise hohe

01. & 02. Juni 2017 Estrel Berlin Explore your network TAGUNGSBAND ,2. Juni 2017 Data of Saxon materials - treasures for mining industry: outcomes of the Mikrolyth, Euxenit, Kupferschiefer-,. Zinn- . Microlite, Euxenite, Copper shale, Tin, rare earths . Muttergesellschaft Lausitz Energie Bergbau.

International Commission on the History of Geological - INHIGEO,INHIGEO president Professor Barry Cooper (Australia) on left. Figure 11. conference “Geology and Mineral Materials of the West of Eastern European Platform” and memorial Die Lausitzer Überschiebung und die Kalkgewinnung in Weinböhla. - In: Rölke

BioMOre - CORDIS European Commission,11 Nov 2019 Kupferschiefer deposit as a test case) by coupling solution mining Ensuring the sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural

Mineralogical Society of Poland - Polskie Towarzystwo Mineralogiczne,Epsomite efflorescences on the surface of the Ediacaran Lausitz Greywackes in Włosień outcrop . . Hydrothermal copper-bismuth mineralization from the Joremeny adit, Dobšiná, State-of-the-art and trends in quantitative phase analysis of geological and ma

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the copper kupferschiefer lausitz